August 31, 2009

Belmont Lake State Park, afternoon walk.

One of favorite places, where Agnieszka and I like to go for a walk is Belmont Lake State Park. It is a complex of few lakes connected by streams, and surrounded by forest.

Yesterday we went there to relax and get rid it of daily stresses and problems.

As usually I brought with me my D40 equipped with SB400, but also I had my new reinforcements: sets of two reduction and polarizing filter. Reductions are made by B+R and changing thread size from 52mm(Nikon standard size) to 67mm, and another one from 67mm to 77mm. Polarizing filter is made by Hoya and have 77mm thread.

During a walk around lake we had a chance to use some equipment by the path. We had a lot of fun jumping over pools.

After that I decided to try technique used to make impress pictures of running water. Receipt is simple: "put your camera on tripod, set up shutter speed at 1/3rd of a second, and shoot away". I like flashes, so I add a little bit of myself to that formula: my flash!!. You can see effect below.

Then I wanted to try my new toy, filter. What happen you can see on pictures.

Personally I really like mirrors effect on water. That happened couple of minutes after sun set, and balance between sky and water was good enough for pictures.

At the end I just did a couple of pictures of my Wife Agnieszka and Moon :)



Belmont Lake thrue Polarizing filter (1/8th of a second, hend helded, cropped to squere).

Belmont Lake thrue Polarizing filter (1/8th of a second, hend helded).

Agnieszka and Moon.

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